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Innovation Tuesdays #3

Ridiculous concepts designed to improve our life.

Sweet Snack – The Snack That Loves You Back

People are addicted to sugar. But because sugar is bad for us (clogs up our blood, makes our skin look older, gives us cancer and makes us fat), maybe we can extract the one ingredient that makes it addicting: its sweetness.

Sweet genius! We can create sweet kisses, sweet hugs, sweet manners.. and sell them in a vending machine for £1 each to anyone who wishes to have a sweet snack. Now that my friends, would be a great way to achieve a sweet life.

Muah muah!

notjustsomeonelse #3

Innovation Tuesdays #2

Ridiculous concepts designed to improve our life.

Water Munchies

This insanely healthy snack is a droplet that can be chewed, containing only water. It’s like fish oil tablets and water had a baby. They’re called water munchies.

Water munchies satisfy the bored first-world-problem individual sitting in front of the computer. They come in a pack, (kind of like chips), they do not contain calories and provide all the water you need throughout the day.

Kitchen Printer-20140908150504

Innovation Tuesdays #1

Ridiculous concepts designed to improve our life.

Transparent Objects – See the bigger truth

Most human beings only care for what they see. So #1 suggests that everything that needs to be taken care of, should be made transparent: Water pipes, electricity cables, engines, trash containers, skin.

By being shown what’s hiding beneath the layers, people will start caring for the world, caring for them, caring for life.