How to enjoy a shitty thing

If there was only one thing in the world, you’d see it for what it is.

Imagine you live in a world where there is nothing, and then, right in the center of that nothingness, one thing appears. You’ll probably just look at it and think: “Oh, that’s interesting. I like how that thing looks.” But as soon as two of those things appear, you wouldn’t be able to like them both: you’d start liking one of the things better than the other. Your thoughts would go something like this:

“These are two things“, then, “I think the right thing is better than the left one,” and then “the left thing sucks.”

Now imagine these things were your friends. Or your seat. Or your food. Or your job. Or your husband. Comparison will make you question if you’re happy with them all the time. And the bad news is: usually the best thing won’t be the one you have.

Now this happens everywhere and with everything we experience because there are infinite things in the world. It’s OK to have a preference. But it’s worth remembering that if we stop liking something, it’s not because it’s not good anymore, it’s simply because we stopped looking at it with our full attention.

Only you know what’s best for you

Don’t trust anyone to know what’s best for you. No doctors, parents or politics can end your pain. Not because they don’t want to, but simply because they don’t know you – the real person hiding beneath all they know...

If you want to make things right, start listening to your true self – to what you like, what you don’t like, to what feels right. It’s quite unreal that you would live inside somebody and some mind that you don’t know at all.


The Truth About Advertising.

Everything in the world is advertising. The stories you tell yourself, the theories you comply with, the objects you love, the people you admire, the colours you see and the flavours you taste – all of them were mastered and sold to you in some form of advertising – some by you, some by me.

Because you see, advertising happens in the moment you agree that something is true. Like when you choose Coca-Cola over water because you’re thirsty, despite it being black, fizzy and sticky. In this moment, you agree that Coca-Cola is what you need. But who’s to blame?

Nature sold clients the possibility. Advertisers sold people the idea. People considered it and agreed it was true. Without your permission, there would be no advertising. There would be no one to convince that Coca-Cola is more satisfying that water. You are in charge.

I’m writing this to you because I understand the rules of the game. I’ve created campaigns for Coca-Cola to Greenpeace, BMW to Justin Bieber, and I’m aware it needs to stop. Not advertising, that will never end. Because even Yoga and Açaí are advertising (although I would totally recommend). What needs to stop is mindless shopping. And for that I need your help.

Like a chained Genie, we’re at your service. Think about it: the client doesn’t care what he sells. He just wants to sell. That’s his passion. If he doesn’t sell Nike, he’ll sell Green Tea. It doesn’t matter (e.g: the Coca-Cola Company now also sells Vitamin Water – which, by the way, is still bad for you).

We can only annihilate advertising by showing that it doesn’t have an effect on us. Don’t buy what you see in ads. Do your research. Shift to brands that… don’t have ads! Brands that leave the world a better place exist. And they need your help.

Here’s a nudge: Take 5 minutes to think of your Nike shoes (I know you have them on). Are they the best you can get? I heard they’re deforesting the Amazon, the biggest factor responsible for climate change. Hmm. So this is what I’m trying to say: It’s your world. We’re all just living in it. Do your research. Buy what you really want, not what you think you need. I promise you’ll feel even better.