Why is silence important to the yogi life?

Actually, it’s the Yogi life that’s important to silence. Because Silence is everywhere. But the yogi life gives us the opportunity to truly start listening to it, thoroughly, uninterruptedly. Aum. Aum. Aum.


Passando pela casa amarela

A vida não é difícil. Nós é que complicamos. Passar pela vida devia ser simples… afinal, só estamos a passar por ela. Tal como se passássemos por uma casa amarela.
A casa está ali. E nós estamos de carro. Podemos ficar nevosos por não a ver. Ou por não saber onde termina. Podemos ter medo de quem vive lá dentro. Podemos até resistir passar por ela, ao lembrar os momentos que amámos e sofremos dentro dela. Mas no final de contas, parece estranho preocuparmo-nos tanto. Afinal, é só uma casa amarela. E nós só estamos a passar por ela.

Are you good company?

Start saying the things you truly think out loud, outside your own mind. It’s the only way you’ll ever hear what you really think, and decide which thoughts you’ll keep and which ones you won’t. Because your thoughts are like guests at your own party, whispering in your ear. They sit the closest to you and they never leave your side. They tell you everything. They judge everything. They gossip about other people at the party. They question the food and criticise your attitude. They question themselves and wonder if they aren’t a bit crazy. Or maybe they’re just tired. Then they get distracted with dessert. Then they stress because someone didn’t say thank you. But no one else hears them. Just you. They’re whispering in your ear all day long. And you have to sit there and listen to this.

Seriously, if no one else could see them, would you invite these weirdos to come to your house everyday? That’s what you do with your thoughts. You invite them in. You’re probably used to them already. To their likes and dislikes, their preconceived opinions, their snobbism. The good news is that they are your own creation, just like your own thoughts.

Start being good company to yourself today. If you’re wondering if your thoughts are good or not, say them out loud. Enough of letting them whisper in your ear. People only whisper when they should be quiet. Or when they’re creepy. And people only speak loud when they’re proud of what they have to say. So, start creating the guests with whom you’d love to sit around all day. That option is not only real, but is also the beginning of happiness. Because when you let go of annoying guests, you realise how beautiful your party really is.

Happiness is is like a cupcake mould

I came to realise recently that happiness is a continuous process.

By inviting moments that keep us going and make us happy, we’re actually setting ourselves for failure. We’re breaking the cycle of happiness. Because everything that has a start, must have an end. And everything that has an end, takes us back to where we were before (unless we’re 100% conscious moving through this process – which most of us are not – especially when eating ice cream).

The things that give us pleasure have a wave of ups and downs, beginnings and ends, that disturb the continuos process of the happiness that lies beneath. That is the case of a text message from our crush, amazing sex, or shopping, to name a few. And we understand this because we’ve all seen ourselves needing something we didn’t need 5 minutes ago. And that can be a yoga matt, an apple or a pay raise.

And by no means I am saying you should stop having pleasure. Because pleasure makes us feel alive. And feeling alive is  what we want. But feeling alive through pleasure and feeling alive through happiness is not the same thing. Because true happiness can make you feel alive all the time. Pleasure cannot. True happiness is something deeper than pleasure that lies beneath all pleasures. Like a cupcake mould that can be filled in with the most various ingredients. No matter what ingredients you have or don’t have, the mould will always be there.

So make your cupcakes and eat it them too. But don’t trick yourself into thinking that the cupcakes are what makes you happy. What makes you happy is the tool you have to make them.

Even when you run out of sprinkles.

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