love to go

wounded hearts
in empty bedrooms
cut by words
betrayed by actions
they accept their doom
only to find refuge
in instant relationships
it’s the dream they dream awake
to run away from a world of fakes
but who’s the real betrayer?
is it their dream or its creator?

shelf love

Darkness is in the critic
that finds flaws in my love
perfecting it and shaping it
to sell me as tough
I’m not on discount
although I play myself to be
maybe that’s why my love fails
my smile comes with the package
seducing you away
it’s the way I found to say
unwrap me lover boy
and grab me real tight
make me your new story
of endless love and light
I may be a dreamer
a sucker for fantasy
knocked down by pain
I am humble and insane
lucky day for you
you just found the best of me
little do you know
that you’re buying gold for free