Passando pela casa amarela

A vida não é difícil. Nós é que complicamos. Passar pela vida devia ser simples… afinal, só estamos a passar por ela. Tal como se passássemos por uma casa amarela.
A casa está ali. E nós estamos de carro. Podemos ficar nevosos por não a ver. Ou por não saber onde termina. Podemos ter medo de quem vive lá dentro. Podemos até resistir passar por ela, ao lembrar os momentos que amámos e sofremos dentro dela. Mas no final de contas, parece estranho preocuparmo-nos tanto. Afinal, é só uma casa amarela. E nós só estamos a passar por ela.

If you worry about it, you don’t need to

Good news today! The things your mind worries about will be sorted out soon. Sooner than anything else in your life.

If you realise what your worries are – the little ones that chatter in your mind one day, or prevent you from falling asleep at night – you’ll realise how soon they will be taken care of.

It’s the things you don’t realise that actually need more noticing. Not the other way round. Say you are doing a new dance class and you feel you are the worst student. You leave so disappointed you feel like crying, “I am worried I will never be as good as the other students”, you think. But think less. You wanted to be like the other students so bad that you forget to pay attention to how much better you got at moving your feet. So instead, you worry.

Isn’t worrying simply a symptom of how much you care? And don’t we know that everything that is cared for, grows beautifully? Isn’t that the case of trees, families, friendship and even skills?

Realise that worrying is nothing but a stressed-out version of: I care. And understand that everything that is cared for solves itself. Worrying is a part of the growing equation that can be completely eradicated from your dreams. Try to focus instead, on the little things that pass unnoticed. Nurture those things, and let the rest unfold naturally, just like it will.

Is the universe a thought within the mind?

“He knows”, I thought. 

I looked into his eyes and realised, we both know. There is nothing to say. He disappeared behind the closing doors of the subway.
Nothing happened before this time. Even though this time is gone. That is the only truth.
No words can describe this feeling. No images can translate what we see. The infinite cosmos flowing between our eyes.
We know a place. A place that is. A mysterious place, magically untouched. A truth that is only there when we consciously lose ourselves to be found in someone else’s eyes. A stranger to us.
We are one. He knows. I know. And we’ll continue our lives knowing, simply by not figuring it out. It’s beautiful.

The Onion Pain Guide

The Onion Pain Guide by notjustsomeonelse to your happiness

The Onion pain guide shows why it is important to fight and deconstruct every bad thing that happens to you in life – while it is still happening to you.

Because pain happens. It hits you like a rock. And if you’re aware, it simply bounces back. It’s meaningless.

But pain distracts us. It makes us too busy on the surface while it penetrates our protective layers. Over the years, old pain crawls into your core and nests there, making you insecure, demotivated or even depressed. One day, it may become almost impossible to separate one from the other.

That’s why it’s important to resolve problems when they happen to you instead of resuming your actions to talking about the subject and forgetting about it. Your subconscious will always remember. So protect your vital happiness. Not from the outside, but from the inside. Repel pain on the surface, by noticing it when it hits you.

Then, smile. Smile because your light is safe and sound. Smile because deep down, you always knew you were made to shine bright.