I listen

The void is my wall
between my heart and my soul
the message from above is clear
but I misinterpret it
because of fear
and so I listen
I watch, I bow, and I know
but who is I?
the one who listens?
or my talking fear?


here we go again

To be or not to be
adrenaline pumps my heart
excited for the adventure
that’ll propel me far
my soul watches
floating amongst the clouds
my mind asks
is it really worth the ride?

shelf love

Darkness is in the critic
that finds flaws in my love
perfecting it and shaping it
to sell me as tough
I’m not on discount
although I play myself to be
maybe that’s why my love fails
my smile comes with the package
seducing you away
it’s the way I found to say
unwrap me lover boy
and grab me real tight
make me your new story
of endless love and light
I may be a dreamer
a sucker for fantasy
knocked down by pain
I am humble and insane
lucky day for you
you just found the best of me
little do you know
that you’re buying gold for free


bittersweet matrix

I shiver
with how my brain manipulates my reality
I’m a prisoner of shape and colour
like a rat locked in the pantry
hypnotised by how good it tastes
to believe in a world of fakes
I suffer
God please help me let go
and coax me
to trust in the divine flow


Spirit friends

I feel the spirits of those who passed
as if I’d been there too
when in darkness I find my peace
where there’s nothing I’ve got to do
in their words I find my truth
in their dreams, hopes and fears
long gone
but which I feel are so near
only they know where I’m now
in this deep sorrow of mine
that if I said I didn’t love
I’d be lying


where comfort lies

In death I find comfort
in life I search for it
sometimes I wonder
which path is really lit
under the moonlight I ponder
if I’ll ever be free
or if I’ll always regret
not having found Me.


Superficial days, superficial lives

It’s superficial
what can I say
but it gets me through
a superficial day
floating on the surface
of my emotions
cutting all the ties
dodging all commotion
I seem fine you see
and I won’t deny
let me love the dream I live in
b4 I have to say goodbye
my secret is my sin
my heart filled with pain
that I know alone
I’ll have to entertain.