Take my word and pass it on.

I don’t write to be part of history, I write to make it happen.

We copy stuff to keep it alive. It’s an ode to genius, a way to pass on a truth that would otherwise be forgotten. A timeless idea is worth seeing now and 100 years from now. Forgetting it would be a waste. To keep the genious alive and afraid to ruin it, people plagiarise. Sometimes those people are richer than you, and sometimes they’re just alive and you’re not. Whoever they are, those people are just messengers, keeping your ideas alive for future generations. So go for it. Copy me. Quote me. Plagiarise me. Let my words live forever through your desire to be famous.

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The Onion Pain Guide

The Onion Pain Guide by notjustsomeonelse to your happiness

The Onion pain guide shows why it is important to fight and deconstruct every bad thing that happens to you in life – while it is still happening to you.

Because pain happens. It hits you like a rock. And if you’re aware, it simply bounces back. It’s meaningless.

But pain distracts us. It makes us too busy on the surface while it penetrates our protective layers. Over the years, old pain crawls into your core and nests there, making you insecure, demotivated or even depressed. One day, it may become almost impossible to separate one from the other.

That’s why it’s important to resolve problems when they happen to you instead of resuming your actions to talking about the subject and forgetting about it. Your subconscious will always remember. So protect your vital happiness. Not from the outside, but from the inside. Repel pain on the surface, by noticing it when it hits you.

Then, smile. Smile because your light is safe and sound. Smile because deep down, you always knew you were made to shine bright.

Arrogance Is Killing Your Creativity

Can we be creatively the same as we were when we were young and innocent?

Can we write about the same problems, with the same flow and the same intensity… or do we lose our creativity as we become acceptant of the reality that we live in?

The big question is, do we lose our fire as we grow older?

The answer is dubious, but not complicated. We obviously cannot feel the same as someone we are not – unless we intentionally go back to that state, by acting and impersonating the feeling we want to have and the person we want to be. But this becomes harder and more synthetic as we grow older. Because with age, we start to lose the artistic impulses that we had in our teens. There’s no denial in this. Nonetheless, there’s no reason to worry about that, because that’s all they were. Creative impulses. Beams of concentration that drove us mad, blind in space and time, with the feeling that if we didn’t put them out there, we would die.

That drive was what made us creative, that impulse was what made our expression… real. After all, the sincere expression of art doesn’t come come from reasoning, it comes from feeling.

The creative impulse is an involuntary focus in a specific subject.

But if this focus is involuntary, it can be voluntary too. There’s always two sides to one coin. What I’m trying to say is that the creative impulse can come back if we are willing to show up for the ideas that are long awaiting to be expressed through us. All we need to do is show up. Just like we did when we were younger. Leaving aside the inevitable arrogance that keeps growing as our ignorance diminishes.

Only then can we allow ourselves to truly concentrate. Concentration consists in focusing the mind on one idea and holding it there. Dissolving the whole, and analysing the part. When we were young, that’s all we could do: Think of parts and how they connected to the whole. Figuring shit out. Proving that what we felt was real. That was our creative process. Now that we can see the whole, we feel we have nothing to prove. That’s the problem. We must go back and focus on the part, feel it without reason, and raise the satisfactory disquietude necessary for creative expression. We too, have to figure shit out.

On the day we understand this, our creative impulses will finally break through our body, and surpass the arrogant wiseness that has been keeping them from becoming real.