You can satisfy one thousand desires or conquer just one.
– In Samsara 2001


Forget it.

What if the things you remember aren’t real?

When you feel the sunset kissing the outline of your face you’re not remembering: you’re experiencing, feeling the warmth awakening your heart. Any thought hoping for or remembering this moment isn’t real. It’s only your imagination, your contaminated interpretation of now. Think about this – but only for a brief second – because as soon as you do, the moment is gone. Reality is right here: in the place where there are no thoughts, no words, no hopes, no knowledge of what happened to you or predictions of what will. You are everything right now. The most important person in your life. Know that. Feel that. Now forget that.


The Zen Mind

“This is the original mind, the ordinary mind. Nothing bothers you and you laugh out loud. With this wisdom, you enter the world again, but this time with naked eyes (…) You see your own true nature, and it is the nature of the Universe.” – The Zen Mind


No matter how shitty your life is at the moment

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