“You cannot help anyone without benefiting yourself, nor can you harm anyone without injuring yourself.” – Amma


What is freedom?

What does freedom have to do with morality, with doing what’s right?

I’ve always been a person of high morals, huge loyalty and warrior energy. Doing what is right is more important for me than my own freedom. But where will that take me? How will I find the freedom I am looking for, by doing what I think is right?

So many times I’ve seen people act wrong. Do wrong. Aim wrong. But do you think they’re stuck? They are not. With a smile on their face, hugging friends like they care, waking up content with their recklessness for other people’s lives, looking fabulous, feeling motivated, feeling free. Free flowing energy circumventing their empty body. Energy they believe is pure and real. More real than my thoughts.

An intention is more powerful that its consequenceIt is what it is. If you think you’re doing good, even though you are not, life will reward you in the same way it rewards the good. If you think you’re doing bad, even though you’re not, life will punish you in the same way it punishes the bad.

So can we control our life with our mind? Can we train ourselves to think differently about our actions, become blind to the things we do wrong, and show life only what is beautiful? At the end of the day, we are the ultimate judge. We can decide what happens next, independently from what is hidden within the files.

Well, not for me…

I’ll continue showing my ugly and my beautiful. I’ll continue doing what is right, and I’ll gracefully accept whatever life gives me in return. Freedom of a consciously free mind or no freedom at all. That is my only way. 

«O provincianismo consiste em pertencer a uma civilização sem tomar parte no desenvolvimento superior dela — em segui-la pois mimeticamente, com uma subordinação inconsciente e feliz (…). 

Fernando Pessoa