What I’ve learned to be true.

Apathy and emotional overreaction are different sides of the same coin. Just like laughter and tears are both expressions of a release happening in the body, apathy and emotional overreaction are both expressions of the same egotistic tendency of the mind to be in control.

Run away from the past, and you’ll become disconnected. Run towards the future, and you’ll become too emotional. The only way to free ourselves is to let go, observe, and stop running away and towards experiences which never really happened, and never really will. The only true experience that we will ever have is happening right now. Now it’s gone. Wait, now it’s here again. Can you feel it?


There’s nothing wrong with the sun. It’s just that we can’t see it

When ignorance is exhausted, we see our Original Nature. In the sea of suffering, beings don’t know they have this Buddha Nature. The Buddha’s teachings are all aimed at showing us this Nature (…). You practice with discipline, meditation and wisdom and break apart the false self. The false self covers our Buddha Nature so beings can’t see it. On a cloudy day you cant see the sun but that’s not to say there is no sun right? There’s nothing wrong with the sun it’s just that we can’t see it. Our Buddha Nature is just like this.” – Buddhist Master, hermit in the Zhongnan Mountains, China