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“Reality… what a concept!” – Robin Williams


If you feel it’s there, it probably is

A friend of mine, Emma, recently told me that she felt that doing the Kundalini teacher training course (yes, we’re almost teachers!), is like finally drinking from an infinite source of water that was scarce all her life – as if she was wondering thirsty along the desert until now. Her words inspired me so much that I ended up writing this… because yes, we were chasing a mirage by joining this course, we had no idea what to expect, we were scared, but we did it anyway! And now I too feel like I’ve found the tip of my Oasis.. something that I thought was only a mirage all my life… and there’s so much to discover! Even if for the rest of the world my Oasis might seem just a crazy mirage, I have tasted it. I am in it. My inner journey has begun 🙂

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“Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature.” – St. Augustine

Proof That the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness



“The fact that we do not identify thinking as one of the six senses is very significant. We are so immersed in thought that trying to explain thought as a sense is like telling a fish about water.” – in Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

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Mr Krishnamurti

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If you truly live in the moment you’ll never be unpleasantly surprised. Change is inherent to life; and being present means to be fully aware of it.


On which day were you there?

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