Finding my light

This is my test.
This is my time to prove that I understood that I deserve to experience great things in life. That I deserve to love, to laugh, and to be light. To receive light. Darkness is here only to help me realise that. to help me realise my light.


Enlightenment explained by a bird

I saw this video today and giggled at the fact that this bird’s quest is the perfect metaphor for my journey of self-discovery.

Just like this bird, I know where I am going and what I’m looking for. But just like the part of myself which I’m calling the sceptic, nothing seems to be happening: I throw my heart out and my piece of bread just gets smaller and smaller.

At least that’s what I think when I’m having a bad day. The truth is, I’m not losing anything. Worrying that I’m a misfit with no solution are all illusions of the sceptic that need to go. I am not throwing my tiny piece of bread into nothingness.

It’s just that I’m quickly becoming aware of things that were never right in my life, aspects of me which I ignored because I didn’t have the courage to face them. And it hurts to see them. But now I do. Now that I shine a light, I can see my dark corners. And having guilt or shame about these dark corners is not allowed because it’s all part of the process. And in a way, it’s beautiful.

So listen up, sceptic: I will be patient and I will keep you calm. That’s it. Try to cooperate. I’m just trying to make you feel it, even if only for a split-second. We are what we are looking for, man.

Can you feel it? The big fish is us.

If you feel it’s there, it probably is

A friend of mine, Emma, recently told me that she felt that doing the Kundalini teacher training course (yes, we’re almost teachers!), is like finally drinking from an infinite source of water that was scarce all her life – as if she was wondering thirsty along the desert until now. Her words inspired me so much that I ended up writing this… because yes, we were chasing a mirage by joining this course, we had no idea what to expect, we were scared, but we did it anyway! And now I too feel like I’ve found the tip of my Oasis.. something that I thought was only a mirage all my life… and there’s so much to discover! Even if for the rest of the world my Oasis might seem just a crazy mirage, I have tasted it. I am in it. My inner journey has begun 🙂

mirages emma.jpg


I love food – especially in the winter, when the sun is down and my mind is frosted, friends are far away and laughter is quietly asleep.

Like a true Omnivore, I can generate energy from anything I eat and feel good with it – from milk to apples, bread to lentils. I love it all and I feel the benefit of it all. Even that of meat. But how beautiful is this cow? seriously. It’s hard to take a look at this gorgeous being and then eat it in a taco.

I can’t love the cow and eat it too. Hunf! I quit smoking the other day and I know the next step will be to go vegetarian. Not crazy vegetarian, just quietly vegetarian – learn tonnes of recipes, be comfortable in it. No pressure, stepping in and out of it as I wish. Cleanse my body, love the beautiful beings around me without ‘but’. Honour this cow, who deserves a peaceful life as much as I do…

I quit smoking the other day and I know the next step will be to go vegetarian. Not crazy vegetarian, just quietly vegetarian – learn tonnes of recipes, be comfortable in it. No pressure, stepping in and out of it as I wish. I just want to cleanse my body and love the beautiful beings around me without having a ‘but’ in my mind. Honour this cow, who deserves a peaceful life as much as I do…

It’s not easy though. If only I didn’t have to choose.

Like this Cachena cow. This lucky/unlucky cow (you decide) lives in the moment. She has no choice! Every morning, she takes on her destiny without a single worry in her mind, no matter if she’s about to live or to be tacoed. The choice is all on us, really. The ones who worry…

Humans, we can’t control life, but we can foresee it. Because of that, it’s our responsibility to create the spectacular life that we are capable of imagining. Wow. Lucky and unlucky us. So there’s a tiny bit of pressure.

I’d like to share with you who inspired me to write this post: this cow and the woman singing in this music. No joke. Here’s my ‘Give-veganism-a-try’ meditation kit:

Step 1: Stare at this beautiful cow
Step 2: Listen to this healing music
Step 3: Imagine this cow’s heartbeat synched with yours, radiating light around her

You’ll see what I mean…



How to enjoy a shitty thing

If there was only one thing in the world, you’d see it for what it is.

Imagine you live in a world where there is nothing, and then, right in the center of that nothingness, one thing appears. You’ll probably just look at it and think: “Oh, that’s interesting. I like how that thing looks.” But as soon as two of those things appear, you wouldn’t be able to like them both: you’d start liking one of the things better than the other. Your thoughts would go something like this:

“These are two things“, then, “I think the right thing is better than the left one,” and then “the left thing sucks.”

Now imagine these things were your friends. Or your seat. Or your food. Or your job. Or your husband. Comparison will make you question if you’re happy with them all the time. And the bad news is: usually the best thing won’t be the one you have.

Now this happens everywhere and with everything we experience because there are infinite things in the world. It’s OK to have a preference. But it’s worth remembering that if we stop liking something, it’s not because it’s not good anymore, it’s simply because we stopped looking at it with our full attention.