Become what you love.

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O amor é sexy

O amor é sexy
Move a vida graciosamente
Pulsando do fundo mais fundo que a terra vê
Dançando mais alto que a imaginação que te leva.


O amor é luz
Vai até onde a gente deixar
Sugando a incerteza escura da minha calma
Beijando as cores da paisagem da tua alma.

O amor é teimoso
Só aparece para quem já tem
Talvez tenha um pedacinho guardado
Mas somente se o coração já for usado.

O amor não se contém
Mas só você pode saber
Não adianta dizer o que não pode ser dito
Só se der para fazer um destino bonito.

O amor é agora
Ontem ele morreu
E amanhã ele ainda não aconteceu.
Por isso só me resta amar o único hoje que sou eu.

Collective Consciousness

Relationships lead us to collective consciousness

I am you.
Every single bit of you, in my mind, in my body, in my spirit.

When we fall in love, we start noticing each other. We become aware of how beautiful this is, of how beautiful we are. When we are experiencing romantic love, our perception shifts and we’re suddenly able to feel things without fear, without judgement, without clothes.

But what has changed between the time when things were just okay to being absolutely stunning?

Me. I have changed.

Everything else is just as it used to be.

Romantic love is a glimpse of our collective consciousness.

It’s the rare chance we’ve been given to experience something bigger than ourselves – a strong sign that few people pay attention to. And it’s a pity that it happens so fast. Like a good drug, this feeling will eventually fade away, leaving behind the hangover feeling that what we felt wasn’t real. But it was. And more real than your tears.

But inevitably, when a relationship is over, most of us will be lead to despise the ex-lover, just like we despise the drug, not realising that the right person at the right time, like the drug, is the master key that allows us to open the door to real, pure love.

By understanding that the lover is not the love, but the vehicle to experience it, we will finally be able to love the person without restrains. We’ll no longer obsess about the lover, or limit ourselves to  the idea of love. We’ll simply love, together. And for a brief moment, we’ll understand the oneness of this all. And if we nurture this knowledge, this feeling can become our everyday reality. With or “without” that person. The door to Collective Consciousness has been opened.

Pure connection. Eternal truth. A relationship should never be forgotten, just like a master key should never be buried.

Let go of your ego. Why are you closing the door that you once opened together? you’ll find yourself desperately looking for the key to open it again soon. So unless you like this frivolous game, stop and realise that we are all the same.