Living in a World Full of Pro’s

The only things worth learning are those which you apply in your life.


Why love, when you betray?
Why be a doctor, when you spend your weekends drunk?
Why work in advertising, when you can’t sell yourself?
Why apply a night cream, when you don’t have enough sleep?
Why go to the gym, when you’re going there by car?
Why laugh with your co-workers, when you’re not talking to your best friend?
Why miss someone, when you don’t make an effort to see them?
Why have a shrink, when you don’t want to change?
Why rush growing up, when you’ll end up wishing you were young?

Why do you do things with no truth?

If you don’t like to apply what you’re learning in your life, learn something else. Build a different life. A life you really enjoy. We’re all depending on your decision. That’s how we build a world full of pro’s.