Why is silence important to the yogi life?

Actually, it’s the Yogi life that’s important to silence. Because Silence is everywhere. But the yogi life gives us the opportunity to truly start listening to it, thoroughly, uninterruptedly. Aum. Aum. Aum.


Wait a minute

When you doubt yourself. When you question if you’re good enough. When you wonder if the things you were born to do were just frivolous dreams. When you ask yourself if you are as special as you used to think… don’t answer. There is still no right reply. But one day, sooner than later, you will have the answer for all those questions – the right one. And you’ll know that because you held your answer until the day you succeeded.

Is the universe a thought within the mind?

“He knows”, I thought. 

I looked into his eyes and realised, we both know. There is nothing to say. He disappeared behind the closing doors of the subway.
Nothing happened before this time. Even though this time is gone. That is the only truth.
No words can describe this feeling. No images can translate what we see. The infinite cosmos flowing between our eyes.
We know a place. A place that is. A mysterious place, magically untouched. A truth that is only there when we consciously lose ourselves to be found in someone else’s eyes. A stranger to us.
We are one. He knows. I know. And we’ll continue our lives knowing, simply by not figuring it out. It’s beautiful.

Why Reason Alone Won’t Get Us Far.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 20.12.31

A few years ago I came across the most simple, powerful metaphor of the human condition. It’s so brilliant I find it hard to explain. But let’s give it a try.

It simplifies all human questions and concerns in one straight line. Literally.

Studies have shown that, when a man is blindfolded and asked to walk in a straight line, he cannot do it – at all. He believes to be walking forward, when in fact he’s just walking in circles, over and over again, in a never ending spiral…

At first I thought, “how creepy is that?” – that when you’re lost in a forest and feel like you are walking in circles – you probably are. But suddenly I got hit by the grandiosity of this conclusion…

Human beings believe that reason will get them far. But only awareness of their body, mind and spirit will enable them to move forward.