We’re such troopers!

“It takes more courage to examine the dark corners of your own soul than it does for a soldier to fight on a battlefield.” – W. B. Yeats


I want to love this man

I worship you
and I fear
how the blue light on your skin
makes me forget the pain I’ve seen

It’s too good to be true
this just can’t be you
you’re honey for my mind
of that sweet, overwhelming kind

who are you
fire, bright reflection?
oh how beautiful I feel
in the flaws of your perfection

letting go and I start to flow
mesmerised, electrified
giving in to the beauty
that is to watch you loving me

like twins in another place
who locked eyes and saw the same face
they were one before they were two
but finally forgot who was who

can I live up to your expectations
or, erm, do I really want to?
first I’m me, then I’m a woman
the one who gets to see that shall be my true man

my heart needs the space
to put you in its place
so I can love you truthfully

this is my bedtime prayer
in a scared whisper, I beg you
God teach us how to dance together
and show me how to love this man forever

I listen

The void is my wall
between my heart and my soul
the message from above is clear
but I misinterpret it
because of fear
and so I listen
I watch, I bow, and I know
but who is I?
the one who listens?
or my talking fear?


bittersweet matrix

I shiver
with how my brain manipulates my reality
I’m a prisoner of shape and colour
like a rat locked in the pantry
hypnotised by how good it tastes
to believe in a world of fakes
I suffer
God please help me let go
and coax me
to trust in the divine flow


Mr Williams

“Reality… what a concept!” – Robin Williams


He knew that I loved him enough to bear with the not knowing – Into the Wild


Into the wild

Rather than lovethan moneythan faiththan famethan fairness… give me truth.” – Henry David Thoreau.