There’s nothing wrong with the sun. It’s just that we can’t see it

When ignorance is exhausted, we see our Original Nature. In the sea of suffering, beings don’t know they have this Buddha Nature. The Buddha’s teachings are all aimed at showing us this Nature (…). You practice with discipline, meditation and wisdom and break apart the false self. The false self covers our Buddha Nature so beings can’t see it. On a cloudy day you cant see the sun but that’s not to say there is no sun right? There’s nothing wrong with the sun it’s just that we can’t see it. Our Buddha Nature is just like this.” – Buddhist Master, hermit in the Zhongnan Mountains, China

How to enjoy a shitty thing

If there was only one thing in the world, you’d see it for what it is.

Imagine you live in a world where there is nothing, and then, right in the center of that nothingness, one thing appears. You’ll probably just look at it and think: “Oh, that’s interesting. I like how that thing looks.” But as soon as two of those things appear, you wouldn’t be able to like them both: you’d start liking one of the things better than the other. Your thoughts would go something like this:

“These are two things“, then, “I think the right thing is better than the left one,” and then “the left thing sucks.”

Now imagine these things were your friends. Or your seat. Or your food. Or your job. Or your husband. Comparison will make you question if you’re happy with them all the time. And the bad news is: usually the best thing won’t be the one you have.

Now this happens everywhere and with everything we experience because there are infinite things in the world. It’s OK to have a preference. But it’s worth remembering that if we stop liking something, it’s not because it’s not good anymore, it’s simply because we stopped looking at it with our full attention.