Mr Raymon Grace

If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting.



Progress is a waste of time

“Either we go together or not at all.” – Mr Krishnamurti

We are confined to the little box of knowledge that is accepted by the western world.

Whatever is taught outside our boundaries doesn’t exist at all. That is the case of peaceful events between cultures, beautiful acts of kindness or societies without fear and hate, living happily with nature. For us, those people don’t exist. Because they are not featured in the news. And even if we’d assume they do, we couldn’t imagine there could be more than a few scattered hermits living outside our bubble. Because until events happen inside our culture, things don’t exist – and therefore, we can’t call it progress. 

Developed societies are the minority but it doesn’t seem like that. To see it, turn off your TV, stop hearing the radio and step outside your comfort zone (tip: Festivals like Boom seem to be great examples of that).

Our ‘developed’ society calls progress to anything we haven’t thought of before. We love the idea of progress more than we love progress. If this isn’t true, why do we work separately from other cultures that have broader and better answers than us for certain problems we have? This applies to medicine, psychology, philosophy and even science.

Imagine we’re all living in a forest. Between our tribe and the other tribe, there’s a river. Our neighbours discover how to build a Canoe in 8200 A.C. Without knowing this, we spend 100 years dreaming about crossing the river. Finally we make it. A dream turns into an idea and an idea turns into a Canoe. What an achievement! We give it a name. Awards are given. Canoes are the new trend.

But my question is: Couldn’t we simply have asked for advice to the neighbours crossing the river, instead of putting effort building something from scratch that already existed? Unfortunately in our society our neighbour’s progress is not considered real progress. For us, progress can only start in our tribe. We sometimes fail to see the whole picture because of that. When ‘progress’ is made, after a more sustainable result has been achieved by another culture, it’s not called progress. It’s called a waste of time.

Let’s include the whole world in in the meaning of progress. We don’t live under different skies! All we need to do is listen.

P.S – A little example of our tribe crossing knowledge with other tribes and failing to listen:


Nai Soi Tribe (Long Neck Tribe)


Victoria Secret Show


Living in a World Full of Pro’s

The only things worth learning are those which you apply in your life.


Why love, when you betray?
Why be a doctor, when you spend your weekends drunk?
Why work in advertising, when you can’t sell yourself?
Why apply a night cream, when you don’t have enough sleep?
Why go to the gym, when you’re going there by car?
Why laugh with your co-workers, when you’re not talking to your best friend?
Why miss someone, when you don’t make an effort to see them?
Why have a shrink, when you don’t want to change?
Why rush growing up, when you’ll end up wishing you were young?

Why do you do things with no truth?

If you don’t like to apply what you’re learning in your life, learn something else. Build a different life. A life you really enjoy. We’re all depending on your decision. That’s how we build a world full of pro’s.